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Why are tennis bracelets so expensive?

Why are tennis bracelets so expensive?


Flaunting your sass amongst people and making eyes go ga-ga over you could be a high that many have experienced. But to pull that off successfully and with flair, you need to have an enviable collection of jewellery and accessories.

Sometimes, you want to go for accessories and ornaments that are really massive and heavy. At other times, just offering yourself a subtle highlight with accessories is enough. For all your custom jewellery needs, you can visit the curated assortment at Diamond Galore, UK.

So if you indeed want to transform into a fiery goddess, start shopping from and get all your coveted ornaments added to your collection. Subtle or heavy, these accessories will do wonder to your style and make heads turn, and jaws drop!

Why are tennis bracelets so expensive?

A tennis bracelet is a pristine ornament or piece of jewellery that you wear around your wrist. It consists of an endless circle of diamonds, or other precious and semi-precious stones. These gems are linked together or woven. They could even be secured by prongs.

Apart from diamonds, sapphire, ruby, emeralds and zirconia are some of the common gems that you find in your tennis bracelet. These precious and semi-precious gemstones, the way they are woven and the material used in linking them together contribute to the price of the tennis bracelets. Hence, these pieces of jewellery are quite pricey and expensive.

Why shop tennis bracelets from Diamond Galore?

Diamond Galore, UK, is dedicated to uplifting your fashion and style. With its enviable collection of tennis bracelets, you can always stay confident and stay in style! The tennis bracelet range from Diamond Galore is designed to bring out the best in you!

With superb add-ons like design, craft and structure, the tennis bracelets are also immensely low-priced compared to similar qualities and designs available in the market. Let’s discover a couple of facets before you start adding these beauties to your cart.

Flawless design:

Each tennis bracelet is adorned with Cubic Zirconia stones. Each of these gemstones is designed intricately and are crafted with passion and precision. The linking happens through a Sterling silver metal chain. Sterling silver is not only eye-catchy; it is immensely durable and therefore becomes an investment for life.

Alluring price tag:

Though these tennis bracelets are quite pricey pieces, Diamond Galore brings them to you at the most attractive prices. The earlier tag was 19 GBP, but now the entire tennis bracelet range is available for just 17 GBP!

So hurry up and make a purchase decision! But if you want to continue shopping, you can view all the various pieces of jewellery displayed at the online store of Diamond Galore, UK, and grab the best ones.