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How To Measure Ring Size?

How To Measure Ring Size?

A ring size chart or tool helps to measure your finger size appropriately. You can measure the area of your finger occupied by the ring with a small piece of string. You can mark on a string when it makes a complete circle around your fingers. However, this technique may not produce the perfect measurement every time. 

You can consider a ring size chart to determine the ring measurement also. You can also measure the inside diameter of an old ring of your to double-check your result. Always cross-check the measurements to get a better result. 

For your convenience, Diamond Galore sells the ring measuring tools at 19 euro (including the delivery charge) only. Trust us; there is no other easy and more accurate way to measure the ring size. This method is the most helpful of all options to measure your ring size. Below are some of the tips to determine the perfect ring size. 

  • At first, switch on the ring sizer and ensure that it must slide off over the knuckle easily.
  • Avoid measuring cold fingers because fingers are at their smallest at this condition.
  • To get the most precise reading, you must measure your finger at the end of the day. You can find them at their largest then.

The Diamond Galore has a wide variety of silver plated, or rose-gold plated, and the high-quality cubic zirconia rings for each one of you at a pocket-friendly budget. Our collection includes

  • Inez sterling silver ring at 35 euro
  • Iva sterling silver dual ring at 34 euro
  • Ciara sterling silver ring at 9.99 euro
  • Mira band ring at 37.99 euro
  • Maria proposal ring at 34.99 euro
  • Giselle adjustable ring at 11 euro
  • Versace ring at 27.99 euro
  • Helia sterling silver ring at 29.99 euro
  • Penelope ring at 28.99 euro
  • The serene rose gold ring at 27.99 euro
  • Arabella eternity ring at 26 euro
  • Sofia ring and stud set at 31 euro
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