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Why is a Tennis Bracelet called a Tennis Bracelet?

Why is a Tennis Bracelet called a Tennis Bracelet?


Are you someone who constantly craves to be the showstopper? Do you always plan to land a statement with your unique and off-centre fashion sense? Are you willing to accessorize yourself the glam way with jaw-dropping pieces of jewellery?

Then you have come to the right place. Keep reading.

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Offerings at Diamond Galore:

Diamond Galore, UK, is a one-stop online shop for various women’s fashion regulars and essentials. From rings, studs, earrings, to necklaces and bracelets, you name it, you will find it! Diamond Galore even offers the most appealing gift packaging for important occasions.

The bracelets range at Diamond Galore is sensational. And amongst them, the tennis bracelet is really phenomenal.

Tennis bracelets. Yes, you heard that right. Are you wondering why they are called so? Let’s find out.

Why the ‘tennis bracelet’ name?

Tennis bracelets are pieces of jewellery for your wrists. These are studded with gemstones like diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald, etc. The range of precious and semi-precious gemstones found on a tennis bracelet are practically endless! These gemstones are linked or secured with prongs.

At Diamond Galore, the statement tennis bracelet is studded with finely-crafted Cubic Zirconia stones. These are linked with a Sterling silver chain, which adds to the dazzle!

But let’s come to the point. What’s behind this unusual naming?

Tennis bracelets were earlier called eternity bracelets because the structure is identical to eternity rings. But this naming was the result of an event during the 1987 US Open, where the officials stopped an intense match at the request of the sensational player Chris Evert. Her diamond bracelet had suddenly gone missing.

Later, during interviews, Chris Evert referred to her missing piece of jewellery as a tennis bracelet. This unusual name created a boom in the sales of this specific piece of jewellery. Hence, the name remained.

Now, with such solid know-how, go for the ‘add to cart’ button. Because you can get Diamond Galore’s stunning tennis bracelet on display at just 17 GBP!